Corporate Destruction

by Ferguson

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We definitely had a more grindcore influence in this demo. We still had a ton of fun with it.


released January 13, 2017

Recorded in The Steel Bunker, Fresno CA 1/12/17

Benjamin Kosanke - angry voices and hanging nooses
William Najera - torches and molotov cocktails



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Ferguson Fresno, California

Brutal Noisecore from Fresno CA

Est. 2014

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Track Name: Abducting a White Guy Isn't Racist
take him burn him mar him
I'm not racist I'm not racist
Track Name: Why Not Move to Mexico
It has beautiful people and the land is beautiful
Why not move to Mexico
Track Name: If a Dump Could Take a Dump, It Would Be CNN
Spitting lies false truth
corrupting people with their news
Track Name: Alien Nation
we only want trve americans here
we aren't aliens just forget about our past
we really want no immigrants here
we're better off closeminded and ignorant about our past
Track Name: Hillary and Her Foreign Affairs
Sleeping with the Saudi Just to get her money
Track Name: Missexed
What's gender got to do with it
Track Name: Love Is No Laughing Matter
Track Name: Peaceful Bombing
I swear I'm a nice guy just look at my smile
Track Name: Cattlestrophy
I will eat red meat
I don't care about cattle's lives
Track Name: Singing Until Trump Gets Inaugurated
badadada bada
Track Name: Swearing Makes Me Sound Cool
Saying mean things because everyone else is
Saying mean things just to clear my chest
Saying mean things not knowing their impact
Saying mean things I am desensitized
Track Name: One Small Step for a Man, One Large Rape Lawsuit When He Enters the Women's Restroom
Why are these restrooms gendered anyway
What significance does the separation have
Our culture has miscontrued what excreting really means
Fear instilled into lives precedent accident
so what if a man really has to piss to piss
Track Name: Tr3ndy AF
I am not a poser
I am very trve

How dare you hate my manbun, I think it looks so swell

I like to ride my wornout bike after I eat my doufu beans
I only buy LPs though I have no idea what that word means
I buy my clothes at grandpa stores but I don't like Harbor Freight
Track Name: I Respect Authority, Who Do You Respect
Forcefed information
Denying infestation
Cultural Domination
Brainwashed to believe anything
Track Name: "God Is Dead and We Killed Him," No the Romans Did
Misunderstanding religion for relationship
Do you base your knowledge only on logic alone
If God were a person would you give him a chance
God is dead and I killed him