Be a Part of the Solution

by Ferguson

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Audial indoctrination recorded 4/25/17...
Reciting propaganda recorded 4/30/17... the Steel Bunker, Fresno CA


released May 1, 2017

Benjamin Kosanke - angry voices and hanging nooses and propaganda
William Najera - torches and molotov cocktails
Seth Carlock - handcuffs and propaganda

Jacob Lee - vandalism



all rights reserved


Ferguson Fresno, California

Brutal Noisecore from Fresno CA

Est. 2014

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Track Name: Political Roadkill
Vehicular Protest for the establishment
They'll run us over with no punishment

Deny our rights

Keith Kempenich against our beliefs
How can we sit idly by
as they run us over

We are all Political roadkill
We are all pawns of thieves
Track Name: Oh Baby, I Want to Be Your Antipode
Sick of all your lies, The way you defecate
Your insolence and hate make you masturbate
Hiding your true face covered by a wig

Oh Baby, Won't you be my antipode

Damning the whole public your condescending words
Why don't you just accept that you're a little dick
How did you get so far is this all a joke
You're playing all of us in this sick and twisted game
Track Name: Debt Relief Is for the Weak
Debt Relief Is for the Weak
Track Name: Facts Based on Scientific Opinion
Facts based on Scientific Opinion
Track Name: Death by Capitalism
no truth
no love
no peace
no hope
no chance of a normal life to live life freely
Track Name: Maybe Hitler's Art Wasn't Too Bad
Poor unrealistic landscapes and failed architectural designs
But maybe that could have been okay
Track Name: Pollyanna
I just want world peace
is that too much to ask
let's just frolic in the sun
Can't we all just get along
and eradicate this infiltrating military industrial complex
Track Name: Love Your Local Facist
hypocritical strategies for convoluted goals
Forcing others to succumb by denying right to assemble

You can't stop hatred with hatred
Track Name: Government of Corporations by Corporations for Corporations
God bless the corporations
Track Name: House Bill 1203
Drive it to the ground
Track Name: Unorganized Religious Freedom
I demand freedom of religion for myself
Track Name: If You Want to Kill People, Join the Police
Enjoy your unregulated violence
Track Name: Snowflake of the Year Award
Now everybody can get their own trophy
For being a unique and special snowflake
Track Name: CULTural Christianity
Going to the Sunday morning service every single week
Obeying all the rules your culture tells you to follow
thinking social constructs are the fact of life for everyone
But you are neglecting an important part of your "belief"

where is your compassion to love your hurting neighbor
what you do to the least of these you do unto your savior
Would you give your life away for someone you say you know
Throw away your useless fundamental religiosity
Track Name: Alt-Left and Neoconservatives
Join them or you won't be cool
Track Name: "BS" Degree in Economics
College is a privilege not a right
make it so expensive choosing who can go
saying degrees will lose their value if we make it free
serving public interest is what we say we do

Don't observe the socialist countries and their free degrees
They don't know what they are doing failing academically
Stupid Silly Socialists
Track Name: Forget Your Needs, Mine Are More Important
Do not silence the majority

Fighting for beliefs this is what we need
Making small excuses to condemn the weak
we should purge the druggies as we consume our porn

Justice we seek
annihilate the weak
Forget your needs
Give up the means (of production)
fall to your knees to
the majority
You'll lose your life
If you defy
Track Name: Presidential Pests in the Cabinet
Not taking your job seriously
hiring friends irresponsibly

Playing golf as these pests destroy our infrastructure
Telling lies of what is good for our economy
Bloating the military budget against a fictional enemy
Track Name: Cute Doggy Pics
What about the animals we starve and butcher
Dismembering and eviscerating
Leaving blood on the factory floor
Their cute little viscera we hack with a saw
Little do they know their bred for the slaughter